All Swan’s products are characterised by extreme durability and high quality standards, as a result of the great skill and meticulous care employed during every phase of the production process.

Although clients are becoming increasingly well informed and selective, Swan can offer them a product with technical and formal characteristics able to meet even the most demanding requirements, standing out for its excellent quality on today’s overcrowded upholstery scene.


Swan upholstered furniture stands out for its solid wood structure. The most commonly used woods are: poplar, beech and pine, sometimes simultaneously. In particularly long models (from 250 cm plus), the structure may be further strengthened through the use of metal bars and/or parts.

In order to meet particular requirements, due to specific assembly types, the structure of some Swan models is made entirely from metal. However, in other cases, the structure is strengthened or combined with metal parts or corners.

Furthermore, for the purpose of ensuring excellent quality, the company has chosen to assemble the parts subject to most stress – such as links, junctions, couplings (i.e. arm/structure) – through the use of poplar multiplex or multiplex made from a range of wood types, so as to boost the durability and elasticity of the finished product.


During the first phase of preparation, the wooden or metal structure of Swan‘s sofas is covered with carefully moulded, high density rubber sheets, with a thickness ranging between 1 and 2 cm. The structure is then covered again with synthetic polyester fibre, coupled with a cotton and/or synthetic fabric cover.

The cold cure moulded foam - used by Swan for mass produced products with particular, complex shapes, all of which have the same quality characteristics – is extremely adaptable, versatile and wear resistant. It also enables the creation of clean curved or convex lines and provides an extraordinary performance, making it possible to achieve maximum comfort.


In order to obtain the correct support and impeccable seat elasticity in its upholstered furniture, Swan uses reinforced elastic straps, secured directly to the wood or iron structure. The straps are all made from polypropylene and natural rubber.


In order to provide the best possible response and cater for a range of difference comfort preferences, from soft to more supportive products, Swan offers the consumer the chance to select from a range of different cushion upholstery solutions: in different levels of polyurethane form or in different levels of polyurethane foam paired with a feather pad.

The polyurethane cushions may be of different densities depending on where the cushion itself is to be placed (back or seat). They are then covered with polyester fibre coupled with fabric.

The feather cushions, on the other hand, have a polyurethane foam insert, but the polyester fibre coupled with fabric is replaced by a feather pad. This pad is divided into longitudinal chambers distributed so as to ensure that the feathers remain evenly spread throughout the cushion. This prevents signs of compression and stops the feathers from moving around inside the cushion.

The front part of the Swan seat cushions is comprised of a wedge, with a sufficient density to give them a greater load-bearing capacity, greater elasticity and resistance.

All Swan’s feather cushions are covered in pure cotton fabric (pelle ovo) marked Assopiuma: the association that guarantees the use of top quality feathers, as well as hypoallergenic materials certification.


All Swan’s seating collections are available with either a fabric or leather cover.

As regards the fabrics, Swan offers its clients the chance to choose between a huge range of different textiles. Textiles with different structures (canvas, panama, jacquard, bouclé, velvet, chenille, plain dye or patterned, etc.), finishes (calendering, sanforisation, Teflon finish, Scotchgard, “stone washed” effect, “worn” effect, etc.) and threads. Most of its fabrics are made from natural fibres (linen, cotton, viscose, wool, silk, hemp, etc.), in various blends, some of which contain synthetic fibres: including fire resistant products, which guarantee high performances in terms of wear resistance and washability.

Each of these fabrics is available in numerous colours and shades and the entire collection is constantly updated in order to keep up with fashion, trends and changing tastes. Just like the other components in Swan’s upholstered furniture, the quality of the covers is also extremely high, thanks to the contribution made by the world’s best weaving factories and the most important fabric manufacturers.

Swan provides clear information on composition, washing instructions and wear resistance for each fabric.

The leather used by Swan is also characterised by high quality standards, being selected from leather obtained from European cattle. Like the fabrics, it is available in a wide range of colours and shades and in different finishes, in order to cater for different aesthetic requirements. Some have a natural finish, with a clearly visible grain, while others have a more evident grain. Others still are available with the following finishes: polished, aged, suede-effect, metallic, etc.

The most part ofthe products have completely removable covers, with the exception of the leather products, in which only the cushion covers can be removed.


You will receive all the information from all Swan sofa compositions and washing instructions from us, ONLINE ITALIAN FURNITURE STORE